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Life Insurance is an important aspect of financial planning to compensate your loved ones
for lost income and funeral expenses. Life insurance is tax free.

We offer affordable and comprehensive life insurance plans with companies you know
and trust such as TransAmerica, AIG, and Mutual of Omaha. We will work with you to find
the best policy to fit your needs and budget.

Life Options

We offer several different types of life insurance plans.

Here is some basic information about life insurance and the different kinds of plans:

Term Life Insurance:

A temporary approach to life insurance, with terms of 10, 15, 20, and 30 years.

Benefits of Term Life Insurance:

  • Term Life is always going to be your most affordable option and best value.
  • Premiums stay the same for the entire term no matter what happens to your health during the term.
  • Gives you coverage for a specific time period, which may be all you need.

Drawbacks of Term Life Insurance:

It is not permanent. After the term expires you can apply for another policy if you have the need, but at that time your insurability may have changed and premiums may have increased substantially.

Whole Life Insurance:

A permanent approach to life insurance without a specific term limit. As long as the premium is paid, the policy remains in force and no matter when the insured dies, the beneficiaries receive the full specified death benefit.

Benefits of Whole Life Insurance:

  • Permanent coverage- as long as the premium is paid the policy stays in force.
  • Guaranteed level premium- no matter how long you live or what happens to your health over time, the premium does not change.
  • Cash value-throughout the years of paying premiums, a portion of each payment accumulates as cash value, providing an avenue for savings in addition to insurance.

Drawbacks of Whole Life Insurance:

Whole Life can be relatively expensive especially when compared to term life. You may not need life insurance for that long-term, which is where term life comes in.


  • The plans we offer are underwritten, meaning the underwriters of the insurance company will look into your health history and any dangerous avocations or hobbies to determine if you are insurable.
  • Most of the plans we offer have a simple standard tobacco or standard non-tobacco risk classification, but some have risk classifications that fall into four basic categories:
  1. Preferred – Someone in excellent overall health with very few or no minor medical conditions and no serious medical conditions. Premiums for those who qualify for a preferred classification are the lowest amount possible.
  2. Standard – Someone in good overall health with no serious medical conditions and maybe a few minor medical conditions. Those in a standard classification pay the standard premium rates.
  3. Substandard – Someone with several medical conditions or a history of serious medical conditions. People in a substandard classification pay premium rates that are more expensive.
  4. Uninsurable – Someone in poor overall health with many serious health conditions. For people deemed uninsurable, no coverage can be issued.

An underwritten plan results in much lower premiums for the same amount of insurance than any guaranteed issue plan.

Based on a few basic preliminary questions about your health history, coverage needs, and how long you need coverage, we will be able to determine what plans may be the best fit for you.

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