Short Term Plan Quoting and Enrollment

Short Term major medical plans are now good for twelve (12) months in OHIO and KENTUCKY.  These plans can be an economical way to obtain insurance for a year, which can take you to next year’s annual enrollment, for ACA plans or your group health plan.

We recommend United Healthcare, as they have a very large network of providers, hospitals and facilities that accept the plan. When you go to the Quoting, here are some recommendations and our suggestion for your best value in plans:

  • Choose the Short Term Medical Plus Elite A, this provides you a simple plan that has a deductible, then the plan covers you 100%. This deductible also serves as your out of pocket cap for medical expenses. It provides $2.0 million in coverage.
  • Be sure to select the maximum number of days for the plan. (could be 360 or 365)
  • Check and select the effective date you want the coverage to start.
  • There are other plans you can add, like dental, accident and critical illness. These options will be provided to you during the enrollment.
  • You can complete the application on your own, or call us for help at any time.