6 Tips for Health Insurance Shoppers

Given the changing landscape and dynamics of the health insurance marketplace, here are six tips for buying health insurance for 2018:
Given the changing landscape and dynamics of the health insurance marketplace, here are six tips for buying health insurance for 2018: Start Shopping Early.   With the shorter window this year (only until December 15h) get started as soon as you can.  New rates of Obamacare plans will be available November 1st.  Off Exchange plans are available now.  Get your choice done soon, don’t wait until the last minute. Don’t let your health insurer automatically renew your Obamacare Plan. The plan’s coverage, doctor network, deductibles and premiums have changed, making it a worse deal than an alternative.  Compare that plans to what else is being sold where you live. Look beyond premiums when comparing policies. You’ll want to scrutinize the deductibles and copayments and know how much you’ll owe out of pocket.  And you will want to see what medical services are covered and which are not, as well as the doctors you see.  Are medical services being covered you don’t need? Look at your Fixed Costs, Variable Costs and Total Cost of health insurance.  Look at this as a business decision for this year and beyond.  Your yearly fixed costs = your monthly premium, for example $500 monthly premium x 12 months = $6,000.  Your Variable Costs =  Annual Deductible + CoPays or Annual Out of Pocket Maximum (OOPM).  Most ACA plans have an OOPM of $7,350 for 2018.   So, your potential Total Cost of your health insurance plans would be Annual Premiums + OOPM.  I this example $6,000 + $7,350 = $13,350.  That’s just 1 person, double for a 2 people or a family.  Then do some planning, times that by three (3) years!  Then you see the real costs, which can be pretty scary. Don’t be afraid and know about  Off  Exchange Plans. (Non-Obamacare)  There are now more options than ever for health insurance off the exchange.  The big difference is that they are underwritten, that means you must qualify for a plan based upon your health history.  Plus, pre-existing conditions won’t be covered for at least 12 months.  But they can be much less expensive than Obamacare plans. There are basically two options in the Non-Obamacare market’ Indemnity Plans and Short Term Plans. Short Term Plans are only good for 90 days, which make them pretty risky.  After 90 days you have to re-apply; so if you get sick you won’t get renewed.  The recent Executive Order will allow companies to offer these for up to 12 months, however, that is going to take several months to get implemented.   There are several Hospital/Surgical Indemnity Plans on the market.  Indemnity plans pay fixed-benefit amounts to protect against covered medical expenses resulting from hospitalization, surgery and outpatient surgery, along with some other procedures.  A good Indemnity plan can provide plenty of coverage for these types of expenses.  They can vary a great deal; so if you get one, make sure it has the highest payouts available. Make sure you have some health insurance for 2018.  Healthcare expenses can really add up, so make sure you have something for 2018.  You may get priced out of the ACA, but there are still other options out there for you.  


Health is a basic human right.Cordaid wants to ensure that everybody has access to quality health care. Especially women and youth in fragile conflict- and violence-affected settings (FCVAS),  where access or availability 



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